A leading expert in IT projects and architecture

Your company’s important IT project progresses on schedule and stays on budget with the help of an experienced project management specialist. A project manager is responsible for the concrete measures that further your project and monitors that the end result corresponds to the order. Architects ensure that technologies and technical solutions support your business operations.


Our experienced experts are independent of software and equipment providers and offer project management and architecture services for every stage of an IT project from initial mapping to the solution of a crisis project.

Our consults have robust expertise in project management and software development methods as well as vast experience from developing project operations by following your business operational needs.


Project management services

Our project managers have ensured the completion of several large projects in multiple fields and in many supplier environments. We have strong experience from different IT projects, for example, software projects, system integrations and IT infrastructure development projects.

  • Preliminary surveys
  • Project management
  • Outsourcing initiatives
  • Best project methods

Architectural services

Our architects work in our customers’ large and business-critical development projects by creating appropriate solutions and solution models for our customers. Our architects bring their robust expertise from different fields and systems, finding the best technologies and solutions for the customer’s needs. They ensure that the architectural solutions created during the IT project are operationally reliable and maintainable.

  • Business architect
  • Information architect
  • Solution architect
  • Technology architect


Project-IT is a financially sound project management expert company. Our professional and determined consults are our source of strength.

Antti Hellberg

Eeva Hägerström

Elina Westén

Eveliina Sivlén

Harri Burtsov

Harri Paani

Isa Fagerstedt

Jaakko Rytinki

Jaana Hellberg

Jali Häkkilä

Johanna Höglund

Jukka Vesanen

Jussi Pietilä

Kari Sainio

Kati Erholtz

Kati Kujala

Kati Tenhonen

Kirsi Lehikoinen

Kristiina Ilvonen

Lauri Harjula

Marja Elovainio

Mauri Sivill

Miia Planting

Miikka Lötjönen

Mikko Mölsä

Milja Larmala

Minna Reino

Mirka Mäkinen

Ninna Linnainmaa

Pia Hemminki

Pirjo Klinga

Saku Partanen

Sampsa Laamanen

Simo Lankinen

Tomi Palmén

Tomi Ruuska

Tommi Siro

Tuija Hälvä

Ville Luukkonen

Virpi Kanala